Jasmin Anoschkin (b. 1980) is a Helsinki-based sculptor, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Finland in 2004. The artist, who has been described as an effervescent expressionist, sculpts wood with axes and chainsaws and ceramics with a fierce touch. Her pieces are rough and rooted in the imaginary worlds of childhood, play and toys. Anoschkin had her first solo exhibition in 2003, after which she has exhibited her works on several occasions both in Finland and abroad (e.g. at Taidehalli, Purnu, Lönnströmin taidemuseo, Galleria Sculptor, Washington D.C., Nice and Berlin). In 2012 Anoschkin was elected as the Young Artist of Satakunta and in 2014 she became a member of the Arabia Art Department Society. Her works can be found at e.g. the collections of WAM, the Niemistö Collection of Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Vantaa Art Museum, The Paulon Foundation, Lönnströmin taidemuseo and the collections of the Finnish state.


Internationally renowned visual artist Mari Kasurinen (b. 1984) is known for her "My Little Pop Icons” series. Mari observes popular culture like television and processes her observations through her pop art creations.  Through the sculpted pieces in the My Little Pop Icons series, Kasurinen explores personal branding, cultist approaches to personalities, and diversity and consumerism in popular culture. The My Little Pop Icons have been noted in international media since 2009 as the series has gained attention in publications such as The Huffington Post, Time.com, Wired, YLE, The Guardian and StarWars.com. Kasurinen’s sculpted works have been exhibited internationally both in galleries and art museums in Europe and North America. Kasurinen participated in the Art Basel art exhibition in 2012-13. She is represented by the Swiss art gallery Galerie Gmurzynska.

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Katja Tukiainen, (b. 1969) is an internationally recognized visual artist whose works have been exhibited in several international exhibitions and are included in many public collections. Already as early as the beginning of 90s, Tukiainen’s paintings started to glow in shades of pink and they became known for their cute, but not always innocent girl characters. Since then, her girls have appeared not only in her paintings and sculpts, but also in her wall paintings, comic stories and even as tattooed on human skin. Tukiainen graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Helsinki and has also studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. When living in Venice, she participated for the first time in international group exhibitions. After returning to Finland in 1995 she organized her first group exhibition in Helsinki and awakened the audience with her pink elephants. Tukiainen has worked in artist residences in Italy, New York, Japan and Sweden. Her art has been said to give food for thought in a cute form. She herself says that she wants to offer the viewers magic and enchanting experiences in which ‘good beats evil 6-0’.

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Dr. Matti Hagelberg (born on the latter part of 20th century in Finland) is a writer and artist working on the field of comics. He has published several books mostly in France and Finland starting from 1992. His major works include the trilogy: Holmenkollen (2000), Kekkonen (2004) and Silvia Regina(2010). At the moment he is working on a 1500 pg book called Läskimooses which will reveal all the untold secrets of the universe and the unknown roots of the Finnish people. Dr. Hagelberg has been teaching comics at the Aalto University since 1998. He lives and works in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. In 2018 the Finnish broadcasting company YLE wrote on their social media platform: "Twin Peaks is light stuff compared to Läskimooses".

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Sampo Marjomaa has worked during his professional life between mainstream and the marginal. He currently works in television, music and short films as a writer, performer and art director.


Mikko Lagerstedt is an award-winning fine art photographer from Finland. His vision is to create emotionally compelling photographs through the use of simplistic, yet dramatic landscapes amid fleeting windows in time. Mikko seeks to convey his feelings and impressions of every scene he photographs. His atmospheric style and rich use of color transport his viewers to a quieter world of surreal beauty and brilliance. Mikko’s work has been featured on book covers, magazines, and advertisements around the world.

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Henna Kallionkieli (b. 1985) is a Pori-based goldsmith and artisan who works in her atelier Korustudio Linna/Korusuunnittelu Henna K. She graduated as a trained goldsmith in 2014 and has also a BBA. Henna’s work has been exhibited around Finland and Japan since 2010.  In her jewelry, Henna wishes to depart from traditional Finnish design by integrating detailed, even kitschy pieces.

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Johanna Lehtinen (b. 1973) is a Pori-based entrepreneur, photographer, graphic designer and author. Johanna’s area of photographic expertise is in the area of interior design and lifestyle photography. Johanna is an author of two interior books. The first book, Laiturilla, about Finnish summerhouses by the sea was published in 03/2017, the second, Järvien Kesäkodit, about Finnish summerhouses by the lakes was published in 03/2017. She collaborates and works internationally with two prestigious
photo agencies, the Danish House of Pictures and the Italian PhotoFoyer. Johannas pictures and articles have been published for example in German Schöner Wohnen , German Schöner Wohnen Styling, Swedish Lantliv and Argentinian Revista Living. Additional articles during autumn will be published at least in Australia, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. Johanna works also with all the best Finnish interior and lifestyle magazines. Johanna designs photographic posters and prints under her By Johanna Lehtinen brand. Her greatest source of inspiration is nature, especially the sea. Her works and graphic design channel, besides beauty, also a certain minimalist approach.

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Carina Laine (b. 1975) is a Helsinki-based visualist, self-taught graphic designer and photographer who works as a project manager and graphic artist in the wine industry. She graduated in 2014 from the Helsinki Design School with a diploma in visual design. Her interests include visual expression and the creation of visual styles and identities. Laine is especially inspired by the cultural and scenic diversity of North America.

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Jennifer Ramirez (b. 1986) is a Colombian artists and researcher based in Helsinki. Jennifer is the co-creator of the online persona The Sun and the Turtle a community where Jennifer shares Amigurumi design culture and researches about the origins of this contemporary craft as well as shares for free DIY instructions on how to create your own toys with yarn (Amigurumi). Jennifer has participated in exhibitions in New York and Helsinki and has an increasing interest in finding the roots of Amigurumi toys as well as the future of DIY as a dignifying and revolutionary activity. On the side, with a background in Communications and Social Media Management, Jennifer works with creativity and facilitation skills helping breaking paradigms or improving communications in diverse organizations in need of fresh ideas. In this exhibition, Jennifer is experimenting with Amigurumi allowing the viewer to interact with her piece and rising questions about body snatching and personality changes in our daily lives.

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Sasha Kretova is a designer, illustrator and musician currently based in Helsinki. Sasha's creative practice is constantly shifting between designing simple and functional stationery, illustrating everyday life objects and imaginary characters, and making sounds for performing both solo and for various collaborations. In all her creative outlets Sasha's main focus has always been on simplicity and finding beauty and inspiration in everyday things that may otherwise seem boring and mundane.


Mia Minerva is an illustrator and artist from Vantaa. She primarily works with markers, watercolor, and gouache. Her work is cute and playful, and frequently explores the magic of time spent alone.

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Yasmin May Yaafar aka Yamahamay is a multidisciplinary artist who draws her imagery from the realms of subsconscious, universal connection between souls and childhood characters. Her works vary from toy design, clothing, costuming and accessories to sculptures, illustrations, wall paintings and digital art.

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Ruska Tapiovaara is an aspiring photographer and a relentless light chaser. Producer by day, majority of her spare time is spent outdoors with a camera in hand. Her photos are characterised by ambience, and are often abstract or documentary in nature. She is currently shooting mainly 35mm film with her beloved 1984 Nikon FG-20. Ruska is a recent photography graduate from Helsinki Design School. She is currently working to build her portfolio with a range of collaborations including portrait and commercial photography.

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Krista Elomaa is a self-taught artist, with a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. One of her most important source of inspiration is her deep love for the Finnish nature. Spending all summers in the Finnish archipelago and winters in the middle of the woods, gives a great chance to observe the local fauna and the seasonal changes in nature. Long walks on the sea shores give an animal friendly opportunity for this vegetarian to collect material for her pieces of art. The artist is also a part of gothic and metal music subcultures, which both have a major influence on her work. Photographing is also an important way of self expression to Krista Elomaa, you can follow her on Instagram @kristamiau

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Raisa Kettunen (b. 1975) would like to stress that she is not a photographer. She does, however, like to take photographs of all the momentous, small, strange and wonderful moments in her life. Among her favorite subjects for photography are her frequent trips to Japan, her rescued rabbits and Russian dog, her two children, her camera-shy American husband, and anything at Nuuksio national park. Among her favorite no-rules outlets for creativity are her Blythe fashion dolls. Raisa is also the author of three vegan cookbooks and is a well-known crafter and scrap booker. In addition to her regular job, she also runs a small business, PINKKIS, under which she produces unique tote sacks for Blythe dolls, pouches, costumes, jewelry, and more. She lives in Helsinki.

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Kati Heljakka (b. 1975) is a Pori-based toy researcher, play scholar and toying artists specialized in the study of material and creative play. She works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku. Heljakka got her doctorate in visual culture in 2013 from Aalto University and has participated in art exhibitions since 2007, when she was a student. Heljakka’s works have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions around Finland, in Portugal, New York and San Francisco. In her art Heljakka explores, through photographs, installations and participatory works the storytelling, materiality and digitally social aspects of the toy medium. Besides the emerging toyification tendencies of contemporary culture, she is also interested in imaginatively inviting spaces, sceneries and playful atmospheres. 



Writing My Diary – Audiovisual travel diary. Documenting his mark on the cityscapes in more than 50 different countries.

EGS ( born 1974, Helsinki, Finland) is one of the best-known Finnish graffiti artists. After leaving his mark on the cityscapes in more than 50 different countries, the Helsinki-based artist recently focused on embracing more traditional forms of art making ranging from paintings to glass sculptures. 

His work can be seen on streets, galleries and museums worldwide. By varying the three letters of his tag, the artist modifies the classic graffiti calligraphy beyond recognition, and further, constructs his own lifelong travel journal using these peculiar abstract markings.