Agents is a Finnish ensemble founded in 1979, playing schlager, folky rock’n’roll music. The leader and musical director is the solo guitarist Esa Pulliainen. Many of Finland’s most famous and beloved singers have performed as vocalists, from Rauli “Badding” Somerjoki to Topi Sorsakoski and Jorma Kääriäinen.

The new album Blue was the 24th studio album for Agents, released in 2016. It was recorded and mixed analogically, without any computers. As before, Esa Pulliainen produced the record, and he describes its sound “rough, but at the same time extremely beautiful.”

Agents is
Vesa Haaja – vocals (2008–)
Esa Pulliainen – solo quitar (1979–)
Kai Pulliainen – bass (1979–)
Jari Kepa Kettunen – drums (2014–)





Aivovuoto is a rap group from East Helsinki. They have published 4 extremely well received albums ”Aivovuoto”, ”Dötöx”, ”Vihaa karkkia” EP and a split collaboration with Khid ”Se tuli televisiosta / Sushi Drive-by”.

The group consists of two producer brothers Visa and Mio (K.V.N & LOBO, for example SMC Lähiörotat, instrumental albums) and rapper Matti a.k.a. Jodarok (Kemmuru, Freerap, Meiän Musiikki record label etc.)

By way of working, Aivovuoto is a session band — their music is born in Herttoniemi in Studio TÖI. Usually the brothers make the song background to which Matti then writes lyrics. The song is then recorded immediately afterwards. Stream of consciousness. Spontaneity. Brain drain on record.

The band is known for their eccentric videos, some of which the band has produced,  scripted and sometimes cut themselves. The videos widen the mindscape of the songs. Aivovuoto has made videos for bothers as well, under the name of Aivotuotos.





Folk pop that goes under your skin.





Astrid Swan is a Finnish artist who has published 5 albums since 2005. First album Poverina was published also in the US, where Swan has performed several times with artist such as Sandra Bernhart and Jose Gonzalez. Her records have been published and she has performed in Central Europe, Germany, England and Scandinavia.

Astrid Swan´s music can be described as art pop - it combines melodies, poetic and political lyrics and daring production. Swan composes, writes, produces and mixes her own music. She has done music collaborations with artists including Otto Donner, Jimi Tenor, Aamu Song and Adel Abidin. 

Swan performs with ensemble of 5 people, and does solo performances as well. In March her new records From the Bed and Beyond was published. It covers the themes of breast cancer, survival, body and death.


Burning Hearts (photo Jannica Luoto Edvard Enqvist) succulents.jpg


Burning Hearts, referred to as the masters of stylish indie pop, celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. Spread from MySpace around the world, they electro pop has during the years gathered listeners all over the world.

Their artistic journey includes three albums, many singles, covers and collaborations past genre limits (including the reggae legend Lee "Scartch" Perry. From Dynomo Club in Turku, Finland to New York, the band has performed on Finnish festival stages and clubs of international metropolis "Battlefields" was released last year.


COlordolor booth isompi sini.jpg


Color Dolor is Helsinki based alt-pop band, whose third album "Love" was released in May 2018. The ensemble has gone through some changes during years and now original members Stina Koistinen and Nicolas "Leissi" Rehn are the core of the band. 

All the songs have been born in collaboration between this duo.

Color Dolor has released two albums before the current release "Wonderchild" in 2015 and "Cuckoo in a Clock" in 2013.

Stina Koistinen -laulu
Nicolas Rehn - kitara ja elektroniikka
Ville Kyttälä - syntetisaattorit
Eeti Nieminen - rummut



Dallas Kalevala is horny, subarctic pop music. Its swimming naked in summer night between Iggy Pop and Justice. Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen have been working on new music in the Berlin-Kokemäki-Reykjavik-Suomenlinna axis. During the journey they've gotten drunk on surprises and turned on roads untraveled instead of the safe old routes. 

Dallas Kalevala is currently finishing new songs with Test-award-winning producer Kalifornia-Keke.



Dino Mansik is a dream pop band based in Turku & Helsinki and led by Mikko M. Koskinen and Johanna Koskimo. 

In their music they combine alluring pop hooks with cinematic atmosphere.



Its fair to say The Duplo! blazed a trail fo punk rock-nirvana int he late 1990´s with the release of a series of EPs that were not only ground-breaking in their ´who gives a fuckness´ but reached outside cosy Finnish environs. In 2016 Soliti collected these EP´s/7" onto the thrillingly debauched Full Speed, No Brain - The 7" Singles Compliation. Tellingly The Duplo! reconvened with the original line up for a series of shows to celebrate the re-issue. 

Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala), Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä) and Waikiki No Tom Tom (Wallu Walpiio) didn´t put a top to their reunion once the collection dates has been delivered. To the studio they went and levered their first new sounds in 20 years. 

Here my friend you'll find a new chapter of the Duplo!´s notorious existence = its 2018 and Soliti is delighted to bring you The Duplo! I Rock N Roll EP. 

"It opes with a slightly gentle plod with vocals, guitars and minimal percussion while the video pans over a frozen landscape. Suddenly, distortion pedal are pressed, cymbals crash and the beast is unleashed; its quite a juxtaposed sound, but very much welcome in a landscape that occasionally goes mundane. -Austin Town Hall



Eva from Jyväskylä, Finland and Manu from Paris, France met each other in Berklee College Of Music, Boston in 2009. A couple at that time, they went on a trip around Europe and wrote music during that journey. After returning to Finland in 2012 the duo released their first album Eva & Manu, which brought them a nomination from Emma prize. Their second album "Cinnamon Hearts" was published in 2014. 

Known for their active touring and stage charisma, Eva + Manu are also active in the publishing field. Their previous, acclaimed single "Alien" was published mid-October 2017. The duo wrote the song in collaboration with Nico Stadi, a Finnish songwriter working in the US. Their newest single, "All These Years" has been the theme for a Finnish version of Find My Faminy tv-serie.



GLDN is Helsinki-based electronic music ensemble that combines nightless nights melancholy, west coast techno beats and capital suburban attitude in a fresh and unique way. Rände brings in powerful lyrics and vocals, Janne creates the study bass universe and Tero is compelling beats and sounds. 

Featuring in our songs you will also hear the singer Manna Borg with her amazing voice.



IBE, born in 1999 has managed to convince fans and influencers of the Finnish rap scene with his talent in a short time. He released his brave debut album under the record label Skorpion in autumn 2017. The album boasts with self-confidence, but also reveals weaknesses, heart break and actual breakdown. In other words, a non-linear growth story of a teenage boy.

MELO is an example of how fast things can develop during the social media age. Pushed by his friends, he started rapping about a year ago and his career is sky rocketing. If things continue the same way, in 2018 MELO will claim his seat on top of the new wave of the Finnish rap scene. 

On his rebut EP "Matalapaine" there are 5 songs, with styles varying form Travis Scott -spirited trap to lyrical rap reminiscent of D.R.A.M. The beats carved by producers Kuiva H (Nuutti Saksa) and a 4eva (Anssi Karjala) needn't be ashamed in comparison to their US counterparts.



Intiaanikesä published their single in 2017. The pop groups´s music was born from the minds of Johannes And the guitarist/producer Tapio H. Since the very beginning their songs have been actively playing on Finnish radio channels. 

Live performances of Intiaanikesä are energetic and melancholic at the same time.

"Since the beginning we have had a feeling that we are facing something larger than us. With our music we want to bring hope to helplessness and make our listeners stop for a while, to experience peace amidst all the hurry." - Johannes K.





A lone wolf of Finnish Folk working on his third album.





Known as the messenger of shamanistic space rock and as the frontman of the ensemble K-X-P, Timo Kaukolampi has been working on his solo project under the covers of a cloak and a hood. 




After four released singles Kauriinmetsästäjät seem to be the saviours of modern Finnish electronic pop. Tuomas Kaitanen and Heikki Petrell, a duo known from e.g. Stockers! marries bright pop melodies together with elm and tropical synth pop. Cheesy, just the right amount corny lyrics oozing with youth perfect the ear-catching songs in such a confident way, that the band manages to sound unbelievably cool and a potential mainstream phenomenon, at the same time.



An up-and-coming rap artist from Varkaus, Finland, Kride takes over the stage at the festival. He has been writing music since 2015, building audience around Finland on Spotify & Youtube. Kride started touring in February, and his largest venues include Varkaus Sports Hall with over 1000 spectators, and Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Kride keeps the atmosphere up with his energetic and versatile presence, performing songs from his upcoming debut album.




Lone Deer Laredo is all about loveland ballads, songs of the solitude, melodies from the dark magic forests, light cotton fields, and the enchanting charm of the highways.

Once wounded days of the lonely ones, poweful stories of conquests and the endless curiosity of the adventures all come together in the songs.




The child of an Algerian father and Finnish mother, Manna was born between two cultures. She has a unique position from which to observe both, being a foreigner on both grounds. This informs the way that she lives her whole life, how she walks into a room, how she sings a melody. She is an in-betweener, constantly changing, constantly evolving.

Manna has a back story that lesser singers would die for. Her previous record was produced by famed producer Alain Johannes (Queens of The Stone Age). Mark Lanegan sang on her own composed song Wishing Well. She has also guested, sharing vocals with Jim Reid on The Jesus & Mary Chain's Just Like Honey.

Manna brings an unique Finnish performance to Superwood as a foretaste of her upcoming first Finnish album.

marjo & bublicans.jpg


Marjo Leinonen is a singer whose voice strutches from the root chakra to the blue ballrooms of galaxies.

“1960’s rhythm-and-blues with a soul sound suits Marjo, who sounds like a combination of Janis Joplin, Irma Thomas and Wanda Jackson. Women with this kind of edge are rare nowadays, even in America.”



Mary Ann Hawkins is a surf rock band of five members from Helsinki. Inspired by legends like Dick Dale and The Ventures, the band mixes a Kaurismäki-style Finnish romanticism with classic tight rock sound. Presumably the youngest surf band in Finland did their first live performances in the summer 2017, and their debut EP ”Waves Won’t Lie” can now be found on Spotify and other digital platforms.



"Mermaid, Steelroads and Rock´n roll.

Helsinki-Autumn-All night long."


My first contact with rock´n roll was in Rauma, somewhere in the 90´s. Youth discos were playing europop. The streets were dead. The local ice hockey club offered a pastime for some. An old city hydroelectric plant however gave shelter and a way to salvation. Dick Dale, Hellacopters, Laika and the Cosmonauts and Lou Reed were the music of the older boys and girls. I followed along.

Along with the Millennium the town of Rauma was left behind, but rock stayed. I moved to Helsinki, bought a guitar and after years of wandering through the rock clubs of the city I found myself sharing the stage with 4 other guys with same passion for music and life. New Silver Girl was born. 

- Olli

New Silver Girl




Ocelot are a three-piece band from Helsinki that began as a solo project of Emilia Pennanen (Dinosauruxia). In late 2016 Emilia asked Satu Salminen and Johanna Järvinen to join the quest to go big or go home. This is when Ocelot saw the first night.

Musically the band combines rhythmic elements of piano, bass and drums, combined with dynamic vocals. This creates an intense and alluring atmosphere.

Ocelot will release their debut EP in May 2018 via Soliti.



Onni Boi is a Helsinki-based artist who caught the attention of a small circle very quickly in the spring of 2017. Electronic composites oozing delicate nocturnal atmosphere caught a lot of positive attention on Finnish radio stations and on the Internet. To those songs one uniquely combine partying and crying out of happiness — the so-called “Onni Boi multitasking”.

The debut EP of the stylish, emotional artist counting on melancholic atmosphere was released in October 2017, and the single Colors was the second most played song of 2017 on the Finnish radio Bassoradio.



Teemu & The Deathblows´music takes you to sunshine filled days and hazy summer nights. Singer-songwriter Teemu´s effortless singing combined with the guitarist Niko´s breezy riffs, the tight drumming of Matias and rhythmic basslines of Markus equals the essence of this new promise of Finnish garage rock. Their sound is created when Teemu reveals his homemade demos to the guys, who add their own twist to them. 

Their first single, the highly praised "Girl", was released in June, 2016, and blew the Finnish music media away. The song hit the radio waves in the Us as well, via Seattle´s alternative rock station, During the summer, Teemu & The Deathblows independently released three more catchy, chorus driven singles, all recorded on eight-track tapes, giving them their authentic garage band vibe.

The second single, "I'm The Kidd", enjoyed great success from Finland to South America, where the song was featured in Spotify Brazil´s "Music do Die" -playlist. Their anticipated first album, "Keep It In The Dark", was released in December 2017.

The Sweden.jpg


The Sweden is a new, quite good avantgardist art project by the svengal producer duo Ville Riippa and James Spectrum. It combines occultist electronic soundscapes to exotic pop culture treasures and found recordings to the dance sound of the Far East, among others.



Tuula Amberla released new music in March 2018 after a long pause in recording. The song Anna Äiti Puhaltaa (composed and written by Tero-Petri Suovanen) is typical Tuula Amberla, with a touching and interesting theme. The sound of the song is energetic and swinging. 

Amberla caught the audience attention in 1984 with her hit song Lulu. She has been recording since the 1980s, both as a solo artist and in a group Liikkuvat Lapset. Her memorable songs Korppi, Auto sammui maantien laitaan, Pienet sanat and Tyttö kampaa märkää tukkaa make remarks of everyday life in a timeless manner. 

Tuula Amberla took some time off from performing, but now she is back, mainly performing her own solo production with Tero-Petri Suovanen (Lemonade Elohopea band). They perform as duo but also as trio with the help of bass players Vesa Saloranta and Pablo Eskelinen. Tuula Amberla also performs with a jazz ensemble Amberla and Pieni Jazzorkesteri.



The relatively rarely performing Tähtiportti continues as a trio after the tragic passing of one of their members, Perttu Häkkinen. Tähtiportti is: Sami "Albert Witchfinder" Hynninen (Reverend Bizarre, Opium Warlords), Ilari "Stiletti-Ana" Larjosto (JESSE) and Mikko "Vilunki 3000" Viljakainen (Op:l Bastards, Larry & The Lefthanded).  Thus it is probably not a coincidence that it is a band playing in-depht esoteric techno and electro. Tähtiportti is at least as superlative as its members alone.

Their debut album was released in 2015, and the following records “Eetterimessu” and “Superdepressio” were released in 2016 & 2017, all under the label Svart Records. At the moment the group is preparing for the greatest test of all: “Abiristeily”, which is what they call their fourth album, coming out in 2019. 



Töölön Ketterä is a scorching bulldozer of Finnish grime, with a ruthlessly lashing delivery. The duo, often growing into a trio for live performances is known especially for their live acts that feel like a positive swing kick in the head, never seen before in Finland apart from some UK grime artist gigs. The release of their debut album and their strong live shape make the group — already strong in the Finnish music field — a very current and interesting band. Third festival summer 2018 switched to a whole new gear, with no slowing down on sight. 

Töölön Ketterä has published singles with Vesta, VG+ and Kube, been nominated by Emma gala, Femma gala and Radiogala. 

Their breathtaking, reckless debut album "MYLLY" was released in spring 2018 and the albums namesake song chorus summarises it all: "Mee suojaan nynny!"



Valhe is an indie rock band based in Helsinki. The band combines the rawness of industrial rock and ambient dreamy delicacy, with powerful visuals.

The band started out as a collaboration between the Finnish musician Kauko Röyhkä and the Helsinki-based dark electro band Crystal Clears, but Valhe and Röyhkä parted ways before their first album. 




Now Playing: Prince - CLOUDS




BosKil's piece is an experience installation which will not be revealed until on spot. 

BosKil is an interdisciplinary ArtLab by artist couple Manuela Bosco and Tuure Kilpeläinen. 




Guitar based, British-influenced indie rock musician was the first non-rap artist at PME Records. A rock music guy to the core, Elias has been seen in Finnish rap scene for quite some time. Thus one can hear the rap influence in his music, both in lyrics and vocals.

His first EP was released in February 2016 and its first single "Huvilakatu" in spring 2015. 

25-year-old Elias played drums in several bands and has toured with Ronya, Gracias, Noah Kin and Hätä-Miikka before his solo career. He has been seen on theatre stage as well as in movies such as "Miss Farkku Suomi" 2012, "Hyväntekijä" 2014 and "Paratiisi" 2011. 

Currently he is working on his solo album, which will be released 2018 - single "Loistava" has already been heard on radio waves.


Janne Westerlund by Hans Eiskonen.jpg


Janne Westerlund, known from Circle, Plain Ride and Sweetheart, has published three acclaimed albums and the fourth is about to see the daylight during autumn 2018.

His solo production, inspired by folk and blues, has gained more and more archaic tones along the years. The ascetic expression echoes the tones of traditional folk songs as well as medieval music. Despite the seemingly simple expression there are many layers to the melodies, where unscrupulousness and elevating beautiness do not exclude one another. There is an exceptionally personal level in his expression, which is emphasized by the extreme minimalism.. 

The main instruments of Janne Westerlund's solo performances are baritone guitar, banjo and dulcimer. 



Also known from Pintandwefall, Cats of Transnistria and the live ensembles of Iisa and Kynnet, this multi-instrumentalist published her first solo album under the name KO:MI in November 2017.

During her live performances the bassist-guitarist-violinist-pianist builds up huge sound masses by looping violin, samplings and vocals. Songs move somewhere between experimental music and pop. On the album "Song of Them" piano and violin alternate with drum machines and analog synthesizers produced by Risto Ylihärsälä.



KYL is one of the leading male choirs in Finland. In addition to their great respect towards traditional choir renditions, the 40 men strong vocal group is brave to challenge the expected and lean towards the unexpected. 

Working together on special productions for a couple of years KYL and Sellekhanks have prove to be a dynamic duo in breaking the choir music conventions. 

Accompanied by Sellekhanks´visuals, KYL has lately run a tour with film music in Iceland and created a production with a contemporary dance group. 

KYL is led by Visa Yrjöjä, hyped and awarded young conductor from Finland.



Mara Balls sings to the stones, the trees, the birds, you. A living stone belongs to the forest.



Performance poetry. For the eternal love of darkness and tekno. Anthem to black.



Viitasen Piia is an ensemble led by song writer Piia Viitanen, playing darkish organic folk. Having charmed both critics and live audiences with their three albums, Viitanen has taken her place in the front row of the new storytellers of  Finnish music scene. Currently they are preparing their fourth album. 

The group was nominated in the Emma gala 2014 for the album "Uni" (Texicali Records)  and on the same year "Uni" was selected among the best album of the year by Helsingin Sanomat.

Third album "Laulumaa", released in November 2016, has continued the ascending path of the bands reputation gathering full five star reviews from Helsingin Sanomat, Keskisuomalainen, Ilkka and Pohjalainen. "Laulumaa" was selected as the domestic album of the year by

Ajatus - Promokuva (2).jpg


Ajatus is 22 year old rap/pop music rising newcomer!


"Aurinko kirkkaalta taivaalta porottaa,

ku meitsi cafen lavan haltuuni ottaa,

Poppiräppii ja tää energinen apina,

tarjoilee viihdettä, aivan takuulla,

Huonoo huumoria tuskin tulee puuttumaan

ku meikä pää kolmantena jalkana luukuttaa!"

Angus Black_1.jpg


Angus Black´s music is heavy, fuzzy, psychedelic doomrock. The sound of Angus Black is created with heat riffs and strong melodies and songwriting, rather than soloing. 

The songs are about wrestling with your inner demons, seeking redemption and losing yourself as you trying to overcome your weaknesses.

unnamed (2).jpg


Genre: Urban Rap

photo by Aleksandra Lemke

photo by Aleksandra Lemke


Folky indie with a fresh twist.




the-fisherman-blur by naniannette.jpg


Helsinki-based The Fisherman and The Sea plays folk music-influenced indie rock. The band has conquered its audience in Finland with their ambient gigs - in the USA their EP has been noted in the music blog scene. Bob Leggett, a journalist for the acclaimed LA Music Critic website has predicted The Fisherman and the Sea to be a hit in the American market. 

Their third EP "I Can´t Alone" was released during summer and is featured by Emma Suhonen (Tiktak), irish Joe Carrol (lead in Heroes In Hiding).

The Fisherman and The Sea´s first EP "The Hurt & The Humour" will be released in November 2nd. 

fiola_1 (1 of 1).jpg


Fiola is the winner of Under the Bridge Unplugged -contest in 2017. The unique female trio is from Tampere and plays traditional folk music influenced pop-folk in english.

Their unique sound is a combination of self-written songs, strong three part harmony singing, accompanied by guitar, violin and bass. 

Band released their first EP "Part of My Vocabulary" in summer 2017. 


photo by Merja Yeung

photo by Merja Yeung


GEA, a unique an mystical storyteller, is an independent Finnish singer-songwriter who touches audience´s hearts. She gets her inspiration from Finnish nature's four seasons. You can truly feel the extreme light and darkness from her songs. GEA´s sound is described as light and airy, full of magic and mystery.

Her debut album (released on September 11, 2017 in New York) received wide and positive recognition from music and mainstream media in the USA such as Huffington Post. The album reached five top # 30 and two top # 10 positions on radio charts in the USA. The NBT Music Radio in Germany chose it "the best albums 2017" to # 100. 

In Finland, GEA was introduced as a "going up" (Nosteessa) artist of the week by YleX. GEA´s music video "Alone" won the "Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award 2017" for best editing. GEA´s song "Pink" won "Best Soundtrack Award" at the Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy.

GEA will release her next album during fall 2018.



Johanna Kärkkäinen is a diverse flutist, poet and artist. She graduated as Master of Music from Sibelius Academy in 2015. She has also a degree of music pedagogy from Metropolia Polytechic.

Kärkkäinen works in orchestras, as chamber musician, solo artist, in art projects and as a teacher for flutists. Her interdisciplinary art projects combining poetry and flute music have been performed in Finland and abroad.

The themes of her poetry reflect the fragility of life through forest, nature and unseen levels of dimension. 

Her fist piece of poetry "Kädet lokakuun harmaat" was published in fall 2017. At Woodland Cafe she will perform a piece “Tietoisuus ja Sielu”.

mervi hannele copy.jpg


“I am a living example of what they mean with the Finnish expression “fifty-year craze”. For my part, I got struck by singing. I have a competitive personality, and have been among the top 3 in over 70 karaoke-and singing contests.”



Maiju Lindell is 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Helsinki. She makes easy, international  folk-influenced indie pop. 

She accompanies herself with ukulele. Her songs combine playfulness and optimistic and outspoken lyrics with rich melodies.

Her music has been compared to Lily Allen, Regina Spektor and Feist. 



Thelma´s Dream paints a hazy and floating — at times melancholy and rough — sound universe.

Band shall release music during summer 2018.



Ville Pirinen buzzes, howls and crawls on all fours in a circle somewhere in the no-man’s-land between the traditional singer-songwriter-ness and experimental crackle. As tools he uses bass, a pile of effect pedals and human voice. Lyrics make surprisingly lot of sense, and even the riffs are sensible enough; performance and soundscape not so much. The gigs balance on a fuse tightened between extremely touching & severely awkward. File under: Loner Rock