Guitar based, British-influenced indie rock musician was the first non-rap artist at PME Records. A rock music guy to the core, Elias has been seen in Finnish rap scene for quite some time. Thus one can hear the rap influence in his music, both in lyrics and vocals.

His first EP was released in February 2016 and its first single "Huvilakatu" in spring 2015. 

25-year-old Elias played drums in several bands and has toured with Ronya, Gracias, Noah Kin and Hätä-Miikka before his solo career. He has been seen on theatre stage as well as in movies such as "Miss Farkku Suomi" 2012, "Hyväntekijä" 2014 and "Paratiisi" 2011. 

Currently he is working on his solo album, which will be released 2018 - single "Loistava" has already been heard on radio waves.