Annan Suklaatehdas, founded in early 2017, creates small masterpieces of chocolate.

Located in Punavuori, Helsinki, Annan Suklaatehdas offers a window to a world where molten chocolate spreads freely on a granite table and where experienced hands govern it. Shape it. Design it. Dominate it. Respect it. Love it.

A decade in New York during which Anna apprenticed under a Belgian master chocolatier, trained for years and schooled in both France and Canada, founded her own chocolate business and built a strong brand with recognition accross the country, gave Anna skill, humility, strength, perspective and confidence which pours into everything she does.

Annan Suklaatehdas finds accountability important; all the chocolate used is Fairtrade certified. Fresh, pure and high quality ingredients combined with outstanding skill of an artisan give Annan Suklaatehdas its soul.

Chocolate in its bittersweetness speaks to all one’s senses. It is a sensual material, made by sensitive hands. Passion in every bite. Memories, awoken. Transformed, refreshed, recreated, reborn.



'Street food from Helsinki. Our Indian influenced flavours meet fresh Scandinavian kitchen.
Go Fresh – Go Mango! #gomangohel'



GreenStreet inspires people towards healthier treats in the form of raw cakes and workshops. Behind GreenStreet is the philosophy that everybody should have an opportunity to eat good food and enjoy life to the fullest, while living healthy at the same time. When you eat well you have energy to work towards your dreams.

GreenStreet offers nourishing and delicious raw cakes perfect for both day-to-day life and celebration alike. Our raw cakes are gluten free, milk-free and vegan, and they do not contain any white sugar.



A premium vodka - KORPIMAAN KYYNEL®  is making Finnish distilling heritage part of modern urban life. The name translates as ”tears of the wild forest” a euphemism for moonshine which was distilled for hundreds of years beneath the trees, hidden deep in the heart of the Finnish forest. Today it is still handcrafted in small batches from rye & barley malt. The taste is smooth, the aroma is elegantly fresh yet malty with a hint of rye. Sip it as it comes or enjoy it with your favorite cocktail.