photo by Merja Yeung

photo by Merja Yeung


GEA, a unique an mystical storyteller, is an independent Finnish singer-songwriter who touches audience´s hearts. She gets her inspiration from Finnish nature's four seasons. You can truly feel the extreme light and darkness from her songs. GEA´s sound is described as light and airy, full of magic and mystery.

Her debut album (released on September 11, 2017 in New York) received wide and positive recognition from music and mainstream media in the USA such as Huffington Post. The album reached five top # 30 and two top # 10 positions on radio charts in the USA. The NBT Music Radio in Germany chose it "the best albums 2017" to # 100. 

In Finland, GEA was introduced as a "going up" (Nosteessa) artist of the week by YleX. GEA´s music video "Alone" won the "Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award 2017" for best editing. GEA´s song "Pink" won "Best Soundtrack Award" at the Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy.

GEA will release her next album during fall 2018.