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Jennifer Ramirez (b. 1986) is a Colombian artists and researcher based in Helsinki. Jennifer is the co-creator of the online persona The Sun and the Turtle a community where Jennifer shares Amigurumi design culture and researches about the origins of this contemporary craft as well as shares for free DIY instructions on how to create your own toys with yarn (Amigurumi). Jennifer has participated in exhibitions in New York and Helsinki and has an increasing interest in finding the roots of Amigurumi toys as well as the future of DIY as a dignifying and revolutionary activity. On the side, with a background in Communications and Social Media Management, Jennifer works with creativity and facilitation skills helping breaking paradigms or improving communications in diverse organizations in need of fresh ideas. In this exhibition, Jennifer is experimenting with Amigurumi allowing the viewer to interact with her piece and rising questions about body snatching and personality changes in our daily lives.