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Johanna Lehtinen (b. 1973) is a Pori-based entrepreneur, photographer, graphic designer and author. Johanna’s area of photographic expertise is in the area of interior design and lifestyle photography. Johanna is an author of two interior books. The first book, Laiturilla, about Finnish summerhouses by the sea was published in 03/2017, the second, Järvien Kesäkodit, about Finnish summerhouses by the lakes was published in 03/2017. She collaborates and works internationally with two prestigious
photo agencies, the Danish House of Pictures and the Italian PhotoFoyer. Johannas pictures and articles have been published for example in German Schöner Wohnen , German Schöner Wohnen Styling, Swedish Lantliv and Argentinian Revista Living. Additional articles during autumn will be published at least in Australia, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. Johanna works also with all the best Finnish interior and lifestyle magazines. Johanna designs photographic posters and prints under her By Johanna Lehtinen brand. Her greatest source of inspiration is nature, especially the sea. Her works and graphic design channel, besides beauty, also a certain minimalist approach.