Jolie is a Helsinki-based, originally Paris-inspired brand and a home of organic health and beauty. Jolie is known for exceptionally good and uncompromising eco-certified natural cosmetics. At Jolie we value quality and luxury – with a hint of Parisian elegance.

Our brilliant Jolie team shares a mutual vision of the power of feminine, sustainable and global work, community and lifestyle. We believe in creativity, intuition, authenticity and transparency.

Jolie takes care of its customers with love and gives a special guarantee of blissful energy topped with a 100% promise of purity and high quality.

The company was founded by four friends in 2012, and it quickly became a natural cosmetics sensation in Finland. Customers fell in love with the unique concept and high-quality product range. Currently Jolie is the largest natural cosmetics house in Finland, a pioneer in beauty and well-being.

We offer only the highest quality natural cosmetics brands. Our mission is to respect our customers and the environment. We are socially and ecologically responsible and always look for the products that provide real value to the consumer.

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