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Katja Tukiainen, (b. 1969) is an internationally recognized visual artist whose works have been exhibited in several international exhibitions and are included in many public collections. Already as early as the beginning of 90s, Tukiainen’s paintings started to glow in shades of pink and they became known for their cute, but not always innocent girl characters. Since then, her girls have appeared not only in her paintings and sculpts, but also in her wall paintings, comic stories and even as tattooed on human skin. Tukiainen graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Helsinki and has also studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. When living in Venice, she participated for the first time in international group exhibitions. After returning to Finland in 1995 she organized her first group exhibition in Helsinki and awakened the audience with her pink elephants. Tukiainen has worked in artist residences in Italy, New York, Japan and Sweden. Her art has been said to give food for thought in a cute form. She herself says that she wants to offer the viewers magic and enchanting experiences in which ‘good beats evil 6-0’.