Mikko Keskiivari [b. 8.12.1987, Heinola] is a Finnish media artist, filmmaker and artistic researcher, currently living and working in Amsterdam.

Keskiivari graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2011 (Bachelor of Fine Art) emphasizing on cinematic media art. During the Master of Film Programme in Netherlands Film Academy - from where he graduated in 2016 - he started working on his still ongoing artistic research on the ideas of scaling, distance and perception as practical artistic tools but also as existential subjects (Poetry of Scaling - An Attitude to Artistic Practice). He is also interested the differences and similarities between cinematic, physical and virtual spaces and the spectator’s position in these structures. Keskiivari composes the soundscapes to his video works often simultaneously and in interaction with the editing process.

Silent communication, sublime experiences, the meaning of a subjective individual in a community and emotional charge in architectural space are recurrent themes in his work. His most recent works explore the paradigm shifts in human perception. These can be moments where a person questions something he used to take for granted or realises the true nature of what he is experiencing or looking at.

Keskiivari makes cinematic video works that are often exhibited in form of installations, but also as short movies at film festivals. He works continuously on his independent audiovisual experiments, but also on short movie based film projects with film crews and artistic collectives.