FRI 12/10/18:

Agents / Aivovuoto / Burning Hearts / The Duplo! / GLDN / Intiaanikesä / Kaukolampi / Marjo Leinonen & Bublicans / Onni Boi / The Sweden / Teemu & the Death Blows / Töölön Ketterä /

Woodland Cafe: Anthuan / The Fisherman and the Sea / Maiju Lindell / Mervi Hannele / Ville Pirinen Combat School /

 DJ's: Alex Alex, Håkan Tyg, Hilla ja Inari, Ina Mikkola, Jani Toivola, Markus Nordenstreng & more


-A unique blend of music, performance art and woodland atmosphere-

-curated by Ivana Helsinki/Paola Suhonen-

-First 100 participants will be able to join the tour. Signing up on the Woodtour experience begins in ELO lounge on FRIDAY from 15.00 onwards-


Bini's Disco / Boskil / Elias Gould / Janne Westerlund / KO:MI / KYL x Sellekhanks / Mara Balls (solo) / Minttu Vesala / Teemu & the Death Blows / Viitasen Piia /

 Campfire Unplugged with #HCPSPIRIT

FRIDAY 22:30-00:30

Follow the acoustic tunes to the festival beachfront and find an unplugged jam session around a bonfire. Anthony Dawoud, Felix Lybeck, Henri-Aleksi, and Julia Delgado will perform intimate versions of each other's songs as well as some audience favorites and cover versions of campfire classics. Surrounding art installations by Luca Delgado will complete the collective shamanistic atmosphere.

Wild Fire with #HCPSPIRIT

Music: Anthony Dawoud, Felix Lybeck, Henri-Aleksi, and Julia Delgado

Art Installations: Luca Delgado


SAT 13/10/18:

AleksiKaufmannAstrid Swan / Color Dolor / Dallas Kalevala / Dino Mansik / Eva + Manu / IBE & Melo / Kari Tapiiri & Luotijuna / Kauriinmetsästäjät / Kride / Lone Deer Laredo / Manna / Mary Ann Hawkins / New Silver Girl / Ocelot / Tuula Amberla / Tähtiportti / Valhe /

Woodland Cafe: Angus Black / Ajatus / Ellis / Gea / Johanna Kärkkäinen / Thelma's Dream /

DJ's: Aiccu ja Maiccu, Anna Nevala, Frank Joyride Official, Marjo Niemi, Meeri Koutaniemi, Ruggish Dj's, OonaK, Teppo Vapaus & more



The Superwood Festival program is completed with a Magic Forest brought to us by our collaborator Radio Helsinki. In the secret woods, Maria Veitola will tell your fortune from UNO cards, Taika Mannila will reveal her new music project, Fedja Kamari feeds the audience with sweets from Roobertin Herkku, Paskalista show will stretch into two hours of weirdness & more!

See ful set list HERE