20-minute academic talks on hot topics by professionals from different fields including heavy music, food, feminism, languages, animal rights and love. Because now is more important than ever to know what is going on.


Reetta Kivelä, CTO: Ode to oats (EN)

Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Academy Research Fellow: Lost in the Nordic woods: Exploring the narratives of Finnish metal music (EN)

Anna Kortelainen, writer: The Most beautiful word of any language (FI)

Laura Köönikkä, CEO, curator, Finnish Art Agency: Material love. Why art makes you happy? (EN)

Ernesto Hartikainen, Circular Economy Specialist, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra: We need to build a carbon-neutral circular economy in Finland (EN)

Kati Heljakka, Doctor of Arts, toy researcher: Ludic Liberation: Adults, toys and the importance of play beyond collecting (EN)


Mikko Ijäs, PhD, Associate researcher at Harvard University: Fragments of the Hunt: Persistence Running, Origins of Art and Unity Experiences (EN)

Ali Hersi Liban, Language specialist: Contrasts in Finnish ans Somali language (FI)

Jarno E. Mikkonen, PhD, Research Manager Naava: Need for Nature: Mind, body and biophilia (EN)

Tero Kivinen, LMM: Global animal law (FI)



Works by young innovative Finnish artists curated by Laura Köönikkä/ Finnish Art Agency

Ville Malja / Teemu Korpela / Taru Happonen / Anni Leppälä / Maria Laine / Evelin Kask / Säde Rinne / Linda Linko

FInarte film lounge


A selection of new Finnish cinema curated by Ilokuvafestivaali.

Film lounge decorated by Finarte.

Marja Pyykkö: Yösyöttö

Hannaleena Hauru: Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset

AJ Annila: Ikitie



Mikko Keskiivari / Marko Luukkonen / Paola Suhonen: Love on the Road & 7 Heaven Love Ways


KELOSOUND® is a new sound art and design product which plays the sounds of Finnish nature.

The relaxing and vibrating sounds from the beautiful piece of naturally dried wood invite you to hug and listen. By pressing the ear against the wood piece it is possible to feel the nature resonating inside the wood, making the listener feel that they are in the heart of the nature. The KELOSOUND® sounds originate from the mystical wilderness and nature of Finland, including rare sounds of wild animals and the atmosphere of the magical Lapland with accompanying mythological northern stories.

It is possible to hug and listen to the KELOSOUND® at the Superwood festival at the KELOSOUND® LOUNGE.
The sounds from the wood piece play at the range of 360°, filling the entire lounge with nature.
Come and enjoy anytime during the Superwood festival!

InsideOut Escape Games

@ Superwood Festival


InsideOut Escape Games offers a unique opportunity to test your wits in the midst of festival surroundings! Collect 2-6 people and get ready to be locked in to one of our three escape rooms. InsideOut Escape games rooms are available on Saturday 21.10. 14:00-18:00. Please reserve your spot in advance, by sending an email to info(at)

Check the rooms in advance here. The rooms available in Superwood are the Vuosaari rooms Sensation, Ministry of Future Investments and Bar of Monsters and Madmen.

Price per game is 100€ (130/150€ normally), regardless of the amount of participants.


Photographer Antti Sepponen capturesmoments during the 43-hour festival, results can be seen live at Melaja Light Lounge 24/7 during the festival.

a performance and portrait session

Slow session with a photographer


Through the whole Superwood festival anyone can reserve a 1-hour session with photographer Kim Öhrling, maximum 2 people at the time.

The session will start from the beginning of the festival to the end. The experience will be to first sit down talk and spend time together before making the picture, discussing what ever comes to mind, it can take 30min it can take 2hr. The purpose is to get to know each other a bit, experiencing some time together before making a picture.

The portraits will be photographed on film, every participant will receive a digital file from the session, with the option to buy a hand made print later.




IVALO - Your Individual Fashion Revolution Starts Now
The world is filled with amazing emerging designers that are hidden behind the mass brands. IVALO is here to give the spotlight to these talented and passionate designers.
We are here to help you find your new favourites. Get to know our curated fashion designers from and IVALO application.

Superwood x IVALO shop will be filled with our amazing talents from Finland; from jewellery to fashion design, from unique pieces to everyday wear.
Come and get to know our designers and experience IVALO with us!



Psst... TRE secret shop is open!

Did you forget to bring your gear?
Here you can find beanies, coats and other necessities for woodland experience.

Boutique open 24/7. Knock on the door or find the nightgown-clad members of TRE staff around the festival area!

TRE is a Finnish lifestyle concept store in Helsinki.
Mikonkatu 6,




Yhtäkkiä Tässä - Suddenly Here is a cross-sectional collective,
which adapts to space and situations, usually with their own songs.

SAT 18.30

Hakola Lounge