The name of our exhibition refers, besides Twin Peaks, to peak experiences theorized by psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). A peak experience stands for a moment of happiness and fulfilment, which has meaning to both wellbeing and mental development. Maslow placed the human desire for self-expression on the top of his hierarchy. When playing, a person may have a peak experience related to the use of imagination and limitless self-expression. Contemporary forms of play are often inspired by popular culture and the re-imagining of and toying with story worlds connected to transmedia phenomena have become emergent in both fandoms and in the context of art. Mimetic forms of play and multifaceted intertextual references to iconic popular productions are present in fan art and tributes of various kinds.

Our Peak Experience Replayed art exhibition brings together peak artists from Finland, as well as fans of Twin Peaks, and plays with artworks and spatial atmospheres created with different techniques. It is an artistic tribute to the magic story world created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. In our exhibition minimalism meets maximalism, plastic meets organic materials and beauty is juxtaposed with terror. At the same time, humor, mischievousness and mystery are present. The exhibition includes participatory elements as well as visitors may photograph themselves in a staged environment reminding of Agent Dale Cooper’s dream world/the Black Lodge.

”I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling

it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

Artists participating in the exhibition: Jasmin Anoschkin / Mari Kasurinen / Katja Tukiainen / Matti Hagelberg / Mikko Lagerstedt / Ivana Helsinki / Sampo Marjomaa / Henna Kallionkieli / Johanna Lehtinen / Carina Laine / Jennifer Ramirez / Sasha Kretova / Mia Minerva / Yasmin May Yaafar (Yamahamay) / Ruska Tapiovaara / Krista Elomaa / Raisa Kettunen / Kati Heljakka