FRI 20/10/17:

MC Taakibörsta / K-X-P / Mikko Joensuu / Hisser / Biniyam / Suad / Versace Henrik / Karina /
: Jori Sjöroos, Jurek, Lasse Kurki, Tomi Leppänen & more

SAT 21/10/17:

Uusi Fantasia Eevil Stöö x Kube / Pykäri / Shivan Dragn / DJ Kridlokk / M / Ona Kamu / Sophia Mitiku / PEU /
Artturi Taira, Miikka Koivisto, Kalifornia-Keke, Tero Ahonen & more


WOOD TOUr, Fri & Sat

-A unique blend of music, performance art and woodland atmosphere-

-curated by Ivana Helsinki/Paola Suhonen-


Since November / Paleface / Junnu Alajuuma / Ari goes Jobba / Manna / Obi Blanche / New Silver Girl / Jonna Tervomaa / Kuuyhdistys / Vesta


Anssi Kasitonni ja Kovat Piipussa / Lone Deer Laredo / DPPT / Tuomo & Markus / Kississings / Kettuherrat / Bergmania / SpiguMaritta Kuula / Sasu Kauppi

& more + special guests.


Showtimes will be announced later.






20-minute academic talks on hot topics by professionals from different fields including heavy music, food, feminism, languages, animal rights and love. Because now is more important than ever to know what is going on.


Reetta Kivelä, CTO: Ode to oats

Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Academy Research Fellow: Lost in the Nordic woods: Exploring the narratives of Finnish metal music

Anna Kortelainen, writer: The Most beautiful word of any language

Ernesto Hartikainen, Circular Economy Specialist, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra: We need to build a carbon-neutral circular economy in Finland

Kati Heljakka, Doctor of Arts, toy researcher: Ludic Liberation: Adults, toys and the importance of play beyond collecting


Ali Hersi Liban: Suomen ja somalian kielten samanlaisuudet ja eroavaisuudet

Saara Särmä, Feminist, researcher: Feminism as radically fun

Jarno E. Mikkonen, PhD, Research Manager Naava: Need for Nature: Mind, body and biophilia

Tero Kivinen, LMM: Global animal law




Works by young innovative Finnish artists curated by Laura Köönikkä/ Finnish Art Agency

Ville Malja / Teemu Korpela / Taru Happonen / Anni Leppälä / Maria Laine / Evelin Kask / Säde Rinne & more

InsideOut Escape Games @ Superwood Festival


InsideOut Escape Games offers a unique opportunity to test your wits in the midst of festival surroundings! Collect 2-6 people and get ready to be locked in to one of our three escape rooms. InsideOut Escape games rooms are available on Saturday 21.10. 14:00-18:00. Please reserve your spot in advance, by sending an email to info(at)

Check the rooms in advance here. The rooms available in Superwood are the Vuosaari rooms Sensation, Ministry of Future Investments and Bar of Monsters and Madmen.

Price per game is 100€ (130/150€ normally), regardless of the amount of participants.