FRI 12/10/18:

Agents / Aivovuoto / Burning Hearts / The Duplo! / GLDN / Intiaanikesä / Kaukolampi / Marjo Leinonen & Bublicans / Onni Boi / The Sweden / Teemu & the Death Blows / Töölön Ketterä /

Woodland Cafe: Anthuan / The Fisherman and the Sea / Maiju Lindell / Mervi Hannele / Ville Pirinen Combat School /

 DJ's: Alex Alex, Håkan Tyg, Hilla ja Inari, Ina Mikkola, Jani Toivola, Markus Nordenstreng & more


SAT 13/10/18:

AleksiKaufmannAstrid Swan / Color Dolor / Dallas Kalevala / Dino Mansik / Eva + Manu / IBE & Melo / Kari Tapiiri & Luotijuna / Kauriinmetsästäjät / Kride / Lone Deer Laredo / Manna / Mary Ann Hawkins / New Silver Girl / Nuoret Marttyyrit / Tuula Amberla / Valhe /

Woodland Cafe: Angus Black / Ajatus / Ellis / Gea / Johanna Kärkkäinen / Thelma's Dream / Uuma/

DJ's: Aiccu ja Maiccu, Anna Nevala, Frank Joyride Official, Marjo Niemi, Meeri Koutaniemi, Ruggish Dj's, OonaK, Teppo Vapaus & more



-A unique blend of music, performance art and woodland atmosphere-

-curated by Ivana Helsinki/Paola Suhonen-

-First 100 participants will be able to join the tour. Signing up on the Woodtour experience begins at Hotelli Rantapuisto reception on FRIDAY from 15.00 onwards-


Bini's Disco / Boskil / Elias Gould / Janne Westerlund / KO:MI / KYL x Sellekhanks / Mara Balls (solo) / Minttu Vesala / Teemu & the Death Blows / Viitasen Piia /


Showtimes will be announced later.




20-minute academic talks on hot topics by professionals from different fields including heavy music, food, feminism, languages, animal rights and love. Because now is more important than ever to know what is going on. More info & topics coming soon!


Antti Kylliäinen

Satu Kaski

Riikka Pulkkinen



Jari Hakonen

Otso Sillanaukee, author, zero waste blogger and speaker - Making circular economy part of everyday life with Zero Waste

Marina Heinonen, professor in food safety at the University of Helsinki - Aito, Puhdas, Luonnollinen

Salla Honkapää

Apaar Tuli, Product Design Lead, Whim app - The way we’ll move next: Designing the Future of Urban Mobility

Anikó Lehtinen


This year the art collaborator of the Superwood Festival is Peak Experience Replayed, an exhibition that brings together peak artists from Finland, as well as fans of Twin Peaks, and plays with artworks and spatial atmospheres created with different techniques. It is an artistic tribute to the magic story world created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.



A selection of new Finnish cinema curated by Antti Luusuaniemi/Red Carpet Film Festival.

Kyrsyä-Tuftland - Roope Olenius

Viraali - Thomas Laine

Rendel - Jesse Haaja

Reality Research Center:


What is your dream today? What is impossible? What does utopia mean to you today?

Utopia Consultation is a performative form of encounter between two people. The purpose of the consultation is to open up utopian perspectives and possibilities into one’s everyday life, identity or certain situation. Every consultation is unique: the form and focus of the dialogue depends on the questions or issues the customer brings with them. Consultations progress in dialogue with consultant and spectator and impossible things become possible, with the help of artistic tools and methods.

Utopia Consultant is an artist who quides spectators to observe reality from different and divergent perspectives and helps them to find new ways of thinking, seeing and existing in this reality. Utopia Consultation is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

Utopia Consultant: Talvikki Eerola. Duration: 30 min - 1 hour

Utopia Consultant is available on Friday from 6 pm to 9 pm and on Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm. You can book your personal consultation session at the festival area.

Tree hugging workshop

An acclaimed forest protection activist and a nature lover Olli Manninen hosts a meditative tree hugging session in the nature around the Hotel Rantapuisto. The session starts from the Hotel Rantapuisto main lobby on

SAT 13/10 at 13-14



How do the famous lipsticks by luxury organic beauty brands look on your lips? Jolie opens up a lipstick bar in the Saturday night fever of the Superwood Festival. There you will be able to test all the top lipsticks from Kjaer Weis, Alima Pure and Absolution. Our professional make-up artists will freshen up your look with trendy tones. At the lipstick bar you can also purchase all the best organic cosmetic products for that festival survival kit, from cinderella masks to glow serums.