Raisa Kettunen.jpeg

Raisa Kettunen (b. 1975) would like to stress that she is not a photographer. She does, however, like to take photographs of all the momentous, small, strange and wonderful moments in her life. Among her favorite subjects for photography are her frequent trips to Japan, her rescued rabbits and Russian dog, her two children, her camera-shy American husband, and anything at Nuuksio national park. Among her favorite no-rules outlets for creativity are her Blythe fashion dolls. Raisa is also the author of three vegan cookbooks and is a well-known crafter and scrap booker. In addition to her regular job, she also runs a small business, PINKKIS, under which she produces unique tote sacks for Blythe dolls, pouches, costumes, jewelry, and more. She lives in Helsinki.