SOLAR (swe)

Jonas Pedersen and Magnus Borgkvist Johansson have been preparing for this moment for a decade. Being best friends, they’ve relentlessly been trying to weld their different musical universes into one via excursions into a vast array of different genres, but to no avail.

Until now. With S O L A R, the duo has cut the Gordian knot and created a new universe from scratch. In this universe the pitfalls of traditional genres don’t exist. Instead, one is reminded of future-thinking rock groups experimenting with new possibilities of electronic music in the 60’s and 70’s.

Bubbling mono-synths and hefty pads are mixed together with expressive drums, structure meets passion, thoughtful melodies merge with epic rock soundscapes. It’s as uncompromising as it is refreshing in a world where everything is divided and labeled. In the words of both Richie Hawtin and Taylor Swift: Call it what you want!