20-minute academic talks on hot topics by professionals from different fields. Because now is more important than ever to know what is going on. More info & topics coming soon!


Petro Lahtinen, CEO of Woodio - Puu - uusi öljy?

Antti Kylliäinen, ethicist - Hyveet - mitä ja miksi?

Satu Kaski, Psy.D, cert. sports pychologist, coach BCC - Onnistumisen Taidot

Riikka Pulkkinen, author - Onko meidän mahdotonta uskoa enää keksittyihin auringonlaskuihin?



Jari Hakonen - Research Professor at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, dosent in social psychology, University of Helsinki - Mistä syntyy työn imu?

Otso Sillanaukee, author, zero waste blogger and speaker - Making circular economy part of everyday life with Zero Waste

Marina Heinonen, professor in food safety at the University of Helsinki - Aito, Puhdas, Luonnollinen

Salla Honkapää, Executive Director of Rescue Association Hobo Dogs/Rescueyhdistys Kulkurit Ry - Story of rescuedog Mauri

Apaar Tuli, Product Design Lead, Whim app - The way we’ll move next: Designing the Future of Urban Mobility

Anikó Lehtinen, beer connoisseur, author & food blogger - Pienpanimoiden etikettiteemat



This year the art collaborator of the Superwood Festival is Peak Experience Replayed, an exhibition that brings together peak artists from Finland, as well as fans of Twin Peaks, and plays with artworks and spatial atmospheres created with different techniques. It is an artistic tribute to the magic story world created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Jasmin Anoschkin / Mari Kasurinen / Katja Tukiainen / Matti Hagelberg / Mikko Lagerstedt / Ivana Helsinki / Sampo Marjomaa / Henna Kallionkieli / Johanna Lehtinen / Carina Laine / Jennifer Ramirez / Sasha Kretova Black Tile / Mia Minerva / Yasmin May Yaafar (Yamahamay) / Ruska Tapiovaara / Krista Elomaa / Raisa Kettunen / Kati Heljakka

On Friday at 18:00 and Saturday at 12:00 and 19:00 curator Kati Heljakka will host a guided tour into the depths of the Peak Experience Replayed world. Some of the Peak artists will be present and available for discussion on their works.  

Length of the tour: approximately 30min. Starting point: glass hallway to the right from the entrance (you are also welcome to jump in during the tour). Follow the owls!


Welcome to the Keisteri Lounge!

This room is filled with happy UKKELI paintings and good music by dj Teemu Keisteri.

This is also first place in the world where you can 

find brand new Ukkeli x Ivana Helsinki clothes!

FRI 01-06

KOrpimaan kyynel goes art

For centuries, in the middle of woodlands deep in the Finnish backwoods bright “tears” have been drained in secret. 15 artists were invited to give their own interpretation on this theme in their own medium.

Jaana Kaipiainen / Jirina, Sampo ja Fiona / Marjo Maininki / Julia Syväluoma / Jonna Manninen / Ella Vedenoja / Petri Suni / Neea Kuurne / Nina Kuukari / Sasa Joukainen / Henna Valkama / Joonas Vallius / Tuomas Käyhkö

EGS: Writing My Diary - picture show

A lonely silver screen in the woods. Secret photographs of the Finnish graffiti artist EGS paintings from five continents. 

SAT 21.30-22

Bathing across borders – Observations from the Eastern sauna zone

The exhibition by photographer David Jacob presents photographs taken from the Republic of Karelia, Vyborg and Saint Petersburg.

Bathing across borders – Observations from the Eastern sauna zone is a book project funded by the Kone Foundation. Its aim is to map the public sauna culture of Northwest Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine and Belarus in all its forms.

The project roams through public saunas with a wide range, from men’s turn to women’s, from downtown to metro terminuses, from historic neighborhood saunas to modern wellness complexes and from endearing old-time nooks to more shady corners. The main criteria is that at certain times, for a fee, the sauna is open for everyone. Between steams we observe the local variations of sauna culture: whisking rituals, sauna snacks and drinks, the unwritten rules of the washroom and the rhythm of creating steam. Meanwhile, we bear in mind that sauna culture is not its own separate bubble but instead reflects the recent history of Eastern Europe, the changes in its urban landscapes, and the variations and possible tensions in the neighboring relationships.


A selection of new Finnish cinema curated by Antti Luusuaniemi/Red Carpet Film Festival.

Kyrsyä-Tuftland - Roope Olenius

Viraali - Thomas Laine

Rendel - Jesse Haaja

Reality Research Center:


What is your dream today? What is impossible? What does utopia mean to you today?

Utopia Consultation is a performative form of encounter between two people. The purpose of the consultation is to open up utopian perspectives and possibilities into one’s everyday life, identity or certain situation. Every consultation is unique: the form and focus of the dialogue depends on the questions or issues the customer brings with them. Consultations progress in dialogue with consultant and spectator and impossible things become possible, with the help of artistic tools and methods.

Utopia Consultant is an artist who quides spectators to observe reality from different and divergent perspectives and helps them to find new ways of thinking, seeing and existing in this reality. Utopia Consultation is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

Utopia Consultant: Talvikki Eerola. Duration: 30 min - 1 hour

Utopia Consultant is available on Friday from 6 pm to 9 pm and on Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm. You can book your personal consultation session at the festival area.

Tree hugging workshop

An acclaimed forest protection activist and a nature lover Olli Manninen hosts a meditative tree hugging session in the nature around the Hotel Rantapuisto. The session starts from the Hotel Rantapuisto main lobby on

SAT 13/10 at 13-14


Start your Saturday morning with yoga instructor Maria Totro:

“Join us to welcome new morning by using gentle tools of yoga. Find a better connection to yourself, to this moment, through using simple movements with healing mantras, sounds, images, colours and effortless meditation.”

For overnight ticket holders only! SAT 13/10 10-11


Running coach Jarno Mehtiö will host a fresh start for Saturday: A morning jog in the fresh autumn air before kicking off the festival program!

Running workshop SAT 13/10 12.15-13.15

Elämän Voimasanoja - Anja Snellmann

We all need spell words (and swear words!) in our lives sometimes. Author and therapist Anja Snellmann lures out the Swear Words of Life and conjures with you some Beneficial Spells. Come and experience being heard and seen, feel the power of words and the pure moment of presence.

FRI 17-20 SAT 15-20