Teemu & The Deathblows´music takes you to sunshine filled days and hazy summer nights. Singer-songwriter Teemu´s effortless singing combined with the guitarist Niko´s breezy riffs, the tight drumming of Matias and rhythmic basslines of Markus equals the essence of this new promise of Finnish garage rock. Their sound is created when Teemu reveals his homemade demos to the guys, who add their own twist to them. 

Their first single, the highly praised "Girl", was released in June, 2016, and blew the Finnish music media away. The song hit the radio waves in the Us as well, via Seattle´s alternative rock station, KEXP.fm. During the summer, Teemu & The Deathblows independently released three more catchy, chorus driven singles, all recorded on eight-track tapes, giving them their authentic garage band vibe.

The second single, "I'm The Kidd", enjoyed great success from Finland to South America, where the song was featured in Spotify Brazil´s "Music do Die" -playlist. Their anticipated first album, "Keep It In The Dark", was released in December 2017.