Töölön Ketterä is a scorching bulldozer of Finnish grime, with a ruthlessly lashing delivery. The duo, often growing into a trio for live performances is known especially for their live acts that feel like a positive swing kick in the head, never seen before in Finland apart from some UK grime artist gigs. The release of their debut album and their strong live shape make the group — already strong in the Finnish music field — a very current and interesting band. Third festival summer 2018 switched to a whole new gear, with no slowing down on sight. 

Töölön Ketterä has published singles with Vesta, VG+ and Kube, been nominated by Emma gala, Femma gala and Radiogala. 

Their breathtaking, reckless debut album "MYLLY" was released in spring 2018 and the albums namesake song chorus summarises it all: "Mee suojaan nynny!"